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The Story

Zabernism is about the lives of two aliens sent to Earth on a reconnaissance mission, and the humans and other aliens they meet along the way. Za, the empire they represent, is militaristic and colonial. Something ugly seems to be on the horizon for the galactic community, and our heroes have gotten caught up in the middle of it.

The people

Zedere Makiare (Zeddy), Zanian

Brilliantly smart but devoid of any kind of social skill, all Zeddy wants is to get as far away from his father as possible (and for people to stop calling him Zeddy).

Nezebel Rezerian (Nezzy), Zanian

She has a love for nicknames, adventure, and people of all kinds. Not so much a fan of working or other "boring stuff". She wants life to be fun whenever possible.

Leonard Falls (Leo, Lennie), Human

Being Jen's adoptive sibling, he tries his best to be the protective older brother, but is way too conflict avoidant for that to work. He's a genuinely kind person.

Jennifer Falls (Jen, Jennie), Human

She's intelligent, confident, daring, and very hot-headed. She doesn't hesitate to get in a fight when someone gets in her way. Luckily for her, she's very charming also.


Zigmond Makiaere, Zanian

He's a top ranking admiral for Za and is regarded as a war hero. Zeddy is just about the only one that knows he's really just a violent jerk.

Sovereign Mzaia, Zanian

The well-regarded leader of the Zanian people and close friends with Zigmond Makiaere. She appears to be a caring ruler, but certainly has her secrets.

Katie, Human

Jennie's friend and classmate. Not much is known about her yet, other than her eccentric style of fashion.




By Olivia Bell, 2009-2014

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